Tiger Back Lodge is here to build a perfect hunting experience through customized packaging hunting options. Sporting clays, rifle and pistol shooting, hog hunting, fishing, and lake mudboat tours are available all year round.

Unplug out of your routine, and plug into ours.

From the moment you lose signal crossing onto our property, you'll start to realize how far away you are from the office. How far away the ordinary routine is, and how close a new adventure waits.

Spending time in the great outdoors with business associates is an excellent way to separate from the often stressful and counterproductive situations the normal work environment creates. Whether it's sitting in a duck blind together or gathering back up at the lodge after an afternoon quail hunt or fishing trip, an executive outdoor venture is an excellent team building tool that can create camaraderie, trust and loyalty that can only be found in this kind of environment. Our goal at Tigerback is to give you and your business associates an outdoor experience they will never forget which in turn will create employee and or customer loyalty which is always good for business.

Looking for a way to combine business and recreation?

Being out in the field strips people of formal titles and the often-stressful expectations of corporate life, allowing them to get past the stringent formalities of most executive business settings which can be detrimental to bonding and team building. An executive hunting trip is the ultimate team building adventure!

Danny Moreland
Owner & Guide
Corporate Event Coordinator
Tigerback Lodge

Transportation to and from Texarkana Regional airport (TXK) is complimentary. Serviced by: FBO-TAC Air TXK; American Airlines